TV has always been one of the major acquisition channel for Fortune 500 brands. It is the perfect branding medium and has proved to be the most efficient as well in terms of ROI. But unless you had millions to spend on big campaigns, TV was out of reach.

The good news is that TV is evolving rapidly. With TV content being watched through Connected TV and OTT rather than through cable, TV has became a digital channel of its own. It is now measurable, scalable and more efficient than ever making it an absolute must in a user acquisition strategy.


Everyone knows that TV is extremely efficient. But what does it mean? Give us figures! How efficient is it? How much more efficient is it compared to display for example?

Here is the answer, TV generates an average ROAS of 6.3 putting it in front of every other acquisition channel. As a title of comparison, digital usually struggles to generate more than a 4x ROAS.


This is probably the thing that matters the most. TV is, by far, the most scalable acquisition channel. Every marketer as encountered this issue: you're trying a new acquisition channel but as soon as you scale the budgets, performances drop and you soon hit a plateau. Generating instant and long lasting attention while providing very large reach, the performance is almost linear as you scale the budget.

Profit Ability: the business case for advertising | Thinkbox


User acquisition has changed quite a lot in the past 10 years and every marketer now requires measurability from their acquisition channels. TV now being connected, it opens up to a whole new approach to measurement. Long gone are the days when you had to measure incrementality through traffic spikes. With TV you can now measure which channel, geo or any targeting criteria is bringing you the most performance.


With all these strengths, TV is now a proper digital acquisition channel. So as a marketer, do not miss out on the opportunity of leveraging TV in your marketing mix. Chances are that it will soon be your main acquisition channel.